Below are just few of the many testimonials I have received from clients. Because of explosive nature of this topic, real client names, locations and pictures are withheld.

Coaching Feedback from Clients Who are the “Other” Man or Woman:

A. said:

Dear Rinatta, thank you for always bringing me back to sanity in this crazy affair. I haven’t let go yet, but I am getting closer. I do know he is narcissist and I am getting more support to help me get out. And I am grateful that you are always there to calm me down and help me not need him as much.

D. said:
Rinatta, working with you in coaching is giving me a sense of me I have never had and that is making it easier to be more of myself, more powerful, more able to say know. I am starting to know that I am going to be ok and my own and I can see where the coaching is leading. One day soon I am going to be able to let go. I am looking forward to that.

S. said:
Rinatta, after our coaching session I did what you said and emailed him and ended it. I feel good, I feel my life is back on track and I am trying to work on my marriage with my husband. Thank you so much for validating my feelings, explaining what I was going through and helping me choose the right path!

A. said:
Rinatta, in working with you over these months I have come to a place of relief and peace, where I am happy to have my guy be my lifetime friend, with no other strings attached. I feel free from my obsession with him and my need for him and free to move forward with my life. Thank you!

Coaching Feedback from Clients Who were Being Cheated On:

M. said:
Hi, Rinatta..after my coaching session…I decided to break up with my boyfriend. He basically got down on his knees and begged my forgiveness. He admitted he was an ahole. He was very humble and was sincerely sorry to have hurt me and doesn’t want to lose me…

Thanks again for everything you told me. You made some very good points that made me able to get angry at him and want to leave. You made me understand the dynamics at play in my situation, which made it the easiest breakup I’ve ever had (shed the fewest tears), though we’re back together now. It made it easy for me to confront him and hold my ground. Now he knows I mean business, and he knows that he has to take good care of my heart or else it will affect his own heart…It’s likely that I’ll call for another session.

C. said:
Hi Rinatta, I am seeing excellent results since my coaching session. We already reversed dynamics. My wife loves it & tells me she loves me. I’ll keep your contact info in case any other ideas on any issue need to be discussed.