Whether you are the person being cheated on or the person who had the affair, and want to help your partner recover, this page has the tools and the resources to help you break free from the pain of the affair.

The resources on this page are not created by me, but by an expert in helping people being cheated on deal effectively with the affair in their life. While I am a great relationship coach for many relationship situations, the Psychologist who’s work I list here specializes exclusively in helping people who are being cheated on. Because his work is so good, I have decided not to reinvent the wheel, but rather offer you his work as a resource:

The First Step in Surviving Infidelity: From Basket Case to Making Your Cheating Spouse Blink e-book

Discovering infidelity almost inevitably turns the person cheated on into a basket case.

When you are a Basket Case, you are near worthless in saying what you must say to get the best response or doing what you must do to get his/her attention in a positive manner.

This e-book will help you stop being a basket case by helping you deal constructively with the onslaught of your emotions, so that you can be calm, rational and effective in dealing with your partner.

Break Free From The Affair book

* Stop the Agony of the Affair, find relief from pain and answers to your questions
* Get back to your old self or someone better
* Save Your Marriage if you really want to

Here is the relief you will get right away:
* Learn about the 7 Kinds of Affairs and what you can intentionally and effectively do to break free from the affair.
* Hear how others cope and move through the infidelity nightmare.
* Find out what you can do to save the marriage and also know if that is a realistic option.
* Gather as much information as possible, knowing that affairs are exceedingly complex, so that you know exactly what you must do to stop the agony and maybe the affair.