Is your relationship or marriage recovering from an affair? In order for the recovery to succeed you will need to:

  • Have a simple-enough-to-implement recovery plan
  • Level the playing field between the two of you
  • Rebuild trust, slowly but surely
  • Address issues important to both of you
  • Have a way for both of you to feel strengthened and empowered, while addressing the shame the cheating partner feels and the hurt the cheated on partner feels
  • Break the cycle of negative feelings towards each other
  • Create a more “natural” way to manage life together
  • Eliminate judgments and put downs
  • Get beyond the feelings about the affair and into creating new feelings for each other
  • Get beyond making up for the affair and onto building a happy life together

If you are wondering: “How can we, who have been so wounded make our lives and relationship work? Who begins? How do they begin? What tools do we need to build trust and create something new?”

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