Are you in it for love or attention and focus? – Question for the “Other” Person in an Affair

by Relationship Coach Rinatta

in Help for the Other Person

Note: This article is specifically for the “other” person in an affair. Please play nice in the comments.

Does your affair partner really love you? When you are the “other” person you question his or her love for you all the time, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself. The reason you keeps questioning that love is because when a person really loves you they are irresistibly drawn to you and want to be with you. That is one of the reasons people live together and get married – to spend more time together.

And yet, your affair partner who is supposed to love you goes back to his marriage or relationships and spends much more time away from you than with you. No wonder you should question his or her love.

I am sure he or she feels a lot of something for you, but perhaps it is not the love that true love is made of and it certainly isn’t love that fills you up, lifts you up and improves your life, as here you are in pain, reading this, trying to cope with the affair.

So let’s for a minute say that it is not exactly the quest for love that got you into the affair. Could you possibly be more after the attention and focus you get from your affair partner? Where else in your life do you get intense attention and focus? What would happen if you got a lot of attention and focus from other people, even if it wasn’t romantic in nature?

Do ponder these questions rather than rejecting them out of hand. On the other side of that pondering could be a bit of a release from the cycle of pain and frustration that the affair is causing you.

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