Are you:

* Wishing your partner would leave the other relationship
* Hating being the “other” woman and wanting your partner for your own
* Suffering alone on holidays, nights, weekends, and during difficult times
* Swinging between rage and deep attachment towards your partner
* Struggling with being in a type of relationship you never thought you would be in
* Sad over your partner being in a relationship with someone else
* Lacking the strength to decide to stay in or end the affair and stick to your decision
* Talking to men and women in your situation on other man and women forums, but still feel stuck
* Wishing there was support for the other women and man
* Struggling with the end of the affair and wondering how to move on

In order to either get out of the affair – or love triangle – or turn your affair into a full-time relationship (which seldom happens) you need support, answers and help. Support, answers, help and coaching is what I offer you.

I can help you in three ways:

1. Get Answers Session for the Other Man or Woman in the Affair
You may not be ready or not able yet to leave your affair or love triangle. But you have questions and you need answers. Questions such as: will he or she ever leave the other relationship for you; how could he or she be in two relationships; how did you end up in this situation; how can you stop feeling so bad when he or she leaves, and many others.

You are keenly aware of the pain the affair you are in is causing you and you wish it would stop. You are tired of going around and around in your head about the situation. You need support of a caring, knowledgeable person who will not judge you, but will give you answers, insight and guidance and help you find your way.

I will give you the answers you are looking for, plus help you understand what is causing your pain and show you how you can begin to recover.  I have worked with hundreds of clients in your situation. To learn more about Get Answers Session and set up your session go here.

2. Affair Recovery Coaching Program for the Other Man or Woman in the Affair:

Are you almost ready to let go of your affair, but can’t do it on your own? You are not alone! Affairs are so sticky that many “other” men and women get stuck for years in an affair. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear of 5, 10 or even 20 year affairs!

If you want to let go of your affair, you are going to need help getting out and staying out. If you choose to work with me, I will help you do just that. Don’t be afraid, I won’t force you to go cold turkey before you are ready. In fact, you will find me to be more gentle on your than you are on yourself!

The good news is that every “other” man or woman that has come to me to help them leave their affair has done so successfully, with time. I am certain that with my help, you can too! The bad news is that it will take an investment of time, effort and resources from you. The program takes between 6 months to a year to work.

On the other hand, of you do nothing, or try to get out of the affair on your own, your likely to still be struggling with it 6 months from now. The choice is yours.

If you want to know more about the Affair Recovery Coaching Program, contact me. Or you can sample what it’s like to work with me as your coach, and get significant help right away by setting up a Get Answers Session for the Other Man or Woman in the Affair.

3. Affair Survival Newsletter for the Other Man or Woman:
In this free newsletter I will send you helpful articles and resources to help you, the “other” person in the affair. To get the Newsletter, enter your information below. (You email is safe with me and will never be shared with anyone):

Being the “other” man or woman is very difficult. Your relationship feels both ecstatic and devastating. Because of these feelings, people often get stuck in affairs for years, longing for more but unable to get out. Affairs take a toll even on the most resilient people.

The coaching and newsletter will help. You deserve to be happy and whole,