Being the “other” person in the affair is difficult and painful, and it leaves you with many unanswered questions.

I can help you significantly ease that pain and give you many of the answers you are looking for.

Are you going around and around in your head about the following:

* How can he (or she) love me and yet still be married (or in a relationship)?
* How can he (or she) love me and yet cause me so much pain?
* How can he (or she) leave me and be ok, when I ache every time we part?
* Will he (or she) ever leave the other relationship to be just with me?
* How can I stop feeling so much pain and confusion?
* What do I with the feelings of anger and frustration I feel about being in this situation?
* and many other questions….

If you are dealing with the affair I will help you:

  • Understand what’s going on and get some answers
  • Return or become more calm and centered
  • Get clear on what you would like to do about your extramarital or extra-relationship love affair
  • Figure out what you want from your lover and find out if you can get it or not
  • Understand why you are in so much pain and what you need to do to make the pain stop
  • Find out what it will take to be able to let go of the affair or love triangle and move on

What is the Get Answers Session and how does it work?

Get Answers Session is for you when you are not quiet ready to let go of the affair, but are in emotional pain and want answers and relief.

In your session I will:

  • answer your questions about affairs in general and your situation in particular
  • help you see your affair in a light that will immediately ease your pain
  • help you discover how your affair is similar and different from others
  • outline an effective recovery process
  • help you start finding your strength

Your  Get Answers Session will be conducted over the telephone and will last 1 hour session. I am not a physic, nor am I a person who’s just hung out my shingle. I am a trained, certified life coach who specializes in Relationship Coaching and has extensive experience working with “other” men and women. I have been a Relationship Coach for over 14 years. You can read more about me here and read the testimonials of how I have helped others in your situation here.

Here’s how a telephone session works:

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Book Your Session Now

* >>>Click here to register<<< on my secure, confidential website.
* The session lasts 1 hour.
* Using email, we will set up a mutually convenient time for your session
* Prior to your session, email me everything you want to tell me about your situation
* I will call you for your session and we will have a conversation about you situation, your feelings, your needs
* You will walk away from the session wiser, more calm, feeling supported, clearer and empowered, knowing you can make self-caring choices in your life
* You choose whether you want to avail yourself of my support on a more regular basis in a Coaching Program, or walk away and deal with your affair on your own.
* You may want to read testimonials of some of my clients to make sure coaching is right for you

Questions, hesitations, thoughts? E-mail or call me toll free 888-215-6033 so that I can help you decide if working with me as your Relationship Coach can help in your situation.

Answers and skilled support is essential to your equilibrium and happiness. Please don’t wait or hesitate – truly, your heart and sanity need you to take action now, at this critical point in your life!
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I hope to speak to you soon and have the opportunity to help you,