I am a professional relationship coach and have been helping clients heal their hearts and relationships from affairs for more than 20 years.

I have helped many men and women who were the other, third person in the affair or love triangle, let go off the affair. Many of them came to me because they wanted to let go of the affair, but could not. After working on letting go of affair we worked on mending their hearts, putting their lives back together and eventually meeting the right relationship partners for them.

I have supported the married persons, men and women having an affair, in ending their affairs and focusing back on their marriage, making it better than it was before.

Many individuals have taken their affair recovery journey with me. Their lives were transformed for the better. You can read some of their testimonials to see what they have to say about working with me.

In my own personal life, long before I became a coach, I experienced both sides of affairs. I was the person being cheated on and know the devastation and shock of finding out about the affair. I was also at one time the other woman, and know the torture of being in love but not being able to be in a full blown relationship, of wanting to get out of the affair but not being able to let go.

I survived both situations and can help you do the same. I combine my life experience with practical knowledge of people and relationships and 20 years of relationship coaching experience to help you deal with the affair in your life.

I invite you to believe that you can move beyond the pain of the affair, and that what you have always dreamed for your relationship life is possible for you. As your Relationship Coach I can help you end the affair, mend your heart and create a relationship you will love. You can get there slowly, in a way that feels loving and healing to you, without forcing yourself to do what you are not ready to do.

Read the pages on this website and if you you would like my support with your love affair/triangle situation, contact me and let us see how I can help you.