Want to Stop the Affair and recover from the pain it has been causing you, for good?

If you have tried to end your affair and found yourself plagued with anxiety and pain until you returned into the arms of your affair partner, you are not alone.

Many men and women, both the “other” person and the person cheating, truly want to end their affair. Yet, when they try, their intense emotions feel incredibly overwhelming until their return into the affair. And every time they leave, the intensity of the emotions seems to increase, forcing them to return.

It may feel to you that there is no way out – that you are too in love with your affair partner to ever let him or her go.

And that would be fine. Except being in the affair also feels incredibly painful to you.

But there is a way out.


Before you give up and let the pain, grief and loneliness of the affair overwhelm you, know that there is a way to end the affair and mend your heart. You can rebuild your life even after an affair.

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  • Post-Affair Relationship Recovery for Couples Staying Together
    Most couples don’t know how to rebuild an affair-proof, vital, life-long relationship. You need insight. You need guidance. You need relationship education. You need support. Go here to find the support to help you recover and rebuild your relationship.

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Please remember, you can end the affair and mend your heart, rebuild your life and live happily!